DDC Schedule and Flow

The Schedule: What we do and when we do it.

Each DDC focuses on a specific drill that is driven by the context we are focusing on.  Some are purely competitive drills for competition shooters, and others are defensive focuses for those using a firearm for self-defense.  We rotate through the drills in a mini-training cycle that starts at the very basic drills in Mike's various programs.   Each drill is done just like the drill in the full program but sometimes Mike modify's them for key teaching points or to allow him to best teach the audience. 

The start times are also listed below. 

  • Monday (0630 CST): I.D.P.A. and U.S.P.S.A. Handgun 
  • Wednesday (0630 CST): Defensive Handgun
  • Friday (0630 CST): Rifle/Carbine AKA Long-gun!  We alternate between defensive rifle and competition rifle/carbine drills.

We will be posting the DATE SPECIFIC schedule here soon!