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Precision Holsters 

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We are a family run business located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.  Our passion for quality drives us to develop our products to the highest standard.  Through creative thinking we bring new innovative designs to the industry. Precision Holster's state of the art thermoplastic forming techniques and manufacturing solutions brings  a high standard of fit and finish. Fit finish perfection is indeed our company mission. 

 Here at Precision Holsters we believe in keeping our economy strong, therefore, our products are manufactured and assembled proudly in the USA.

Coolfire Trainer

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Each CoolFire Recoil Laser Kit consists of:

An air barrel that replaces your gun's barrel during CoolFire training,

A recoil spring that replaces your gun's recoil spring,

2 slide release inserts for your gun's magazine to prevent slide lock,

A charging adapter that is used to charge the air barrel. Tanks are available separately from CoolFire or may be obtained by the user),

A red laser that threads into the end of the air barrel, and 3 reflective targets.