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Daily Dry-Fire Training Cycle

Hey DDC'ers, I wanted to take a quick moment and explain how we are currently doing the DDC training cycle.  First, the idea to start with basic drills and progress through the different drills in my various training programs was the original idea.  It quickly occurred to me that I needed a more systematic method of doing them, so we built a weekly schedule where the days were scheduled with either a competition handgun, defensive handgun, or long gun drill.   That is the current cycle we are in (as of January 25, 2018). 

The future cycle will be a bit more logical, and theme based.  For example we will still rotate through the competitive and defensive drills starting with more basic drills first, but each week will contain a theme.  So a given  weeks them might be the stationary (non-moving) draw, and we will work drills that hone that skill in the different contexts (competitive, defensive, long gun would be mount).   There is a possibility that we would also repeat a drill twice during a given week, but I am not certain about that.   

The issue is that some of you might jump on your first DDC somewhere in the middle of the cycle.  While it is perfectly fine for you to do the drills we are working on that day, it is strongly suggested that you go back and review some of the basic drills in the replay area.  You can do so by clicking one of these links Competitive interest or Defensive Interest (you can actually click both if you want). 

I hope this helps!  And I will see you on the DDC....

Until Then - Train Hard!

Mike S. 

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